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His Royal Majesty Oba Ademiluyi seated on the throne.


The surname "Ademiluyi" orginated from a town called Ile-Ife in Osun state, Nigeria. Ile-Ife is in the South-Western region of Nigeria, and an ancestral home of the Yorubas. The clan "Ademiluyi" is a royal family in which descended from the 31st and 48th rulers of Ile-Ife. Ademiluyi, also known as Ooni Ajagun Lawarikan Ademiluyi Ademakin was the 48th Ooni of Ile-Ife, a paramount traditional ruler of Ile-Ife.

Adémilúyì, meaning "my crown is honorable", was born around the year 1860 to the Royal House of Lafogido, one of the 4 houses of the Ọ̀rànmíyàn dynasty, descended from Oduduwa and Oranmiyan.

Late Oba (King) Ademiluyi had 47 wives and over 100 children. Oba Ademiluyi descendants still hold the qualities and traits that Oba had while living. Oba's descendants have expanded to different regions of Nigeria, and many are currently living in the diaspora.

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