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Royal Events and Ceremonies


Lafogido Heritage Festival 2023
Hosted by: Lafogido Ruling House

Lafogido Ruling House will be hosting it's 1st annual Heritage Festival in commemoration of the 30th Memorial Anniversary of Prince Ademakinwa Ademiluyi A. K. A Mackay from December 29-30th, 2023. The event will take place on "Ita Otutu Street."

Lafogido Ruling House is calling for the future generations to understand their roots and ancestry while establishing their identity to know who they are and where they belong.Lafogido Ruling House hopes to build a bridge between the diaspora and the continent, sparkling the eyes of this generation and the next to look back home and reconnect with the soil.

Therefore, a trip to the Lafogido Heritage Festival is a start and can change a person and hopefully spark a much-needed movement for the development of our community and country.

As descendants of Lafigodo Ruling House come and enjoy great music, good food, and have a good time!

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